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About Fuel2Go

The Beginning of Fuel2Go

Let’s face it, we’re busy. We live in a society where we’re on the go all the time, demanding careers, the activities of modern families, filling every minute with creative endeavours or seeking out new stimulating adventures. To the point where it sometimes feels like it’s a luxury to actually sit down and eat something. Now, let’s be clear, it isn’t a luxury, it’s a right, and everybody should make every effort to sit down, relax and enjoy a good meal. But for all those other times when it simply isn’t possible…enter Fuel2Go.

Fuel2Go was created with you in mind, and to mollify that daily skirmish between the two opposing titans of “hunger” and “no time”. The driving force behind Fuel2Go is to provide fun, healthy products to as many Saskatoonians as possible, in a convenient, readily accessible and efficient platform. This is why I chose vending as the distribution medium, as it provides the perfect outlet to offer a variety of healthy snack and drink options in a number of locations throughout Saskatoon.

Fuel2Go’s Vision

To make healthy snacks more convenient than junk food.

Fuel2Go’s Mission

Fuel2Go will achieve its Vision by reinventing the notion of what a “snack” is, and by encouraging the ideology that healthy choices are the new norm for snacking.  Fuel2Go will strive to make fun, healthy snack options readily available in as many locations and to as many people as it can manage throughout Saskatoon.

Fuel2Go Technology

The Fuel2Go fleet will proudly be comprised of state of the art Crane Merchant Media 6 vending machines. The Merchant Medias are the equipment of choice for today’s technologically savvy vendor.  Crane is a leader in the vending industry with high quality, long-lasting machines, utilizing premium software and services. Crane also puts its machines through a battery of extensive testing before they ever enter the market for commercial use.  The Crane Merchant Media is one of the most innovative, technologically advanced vending machines on the market today. Its stunning, modern design is sure to attract attention and will compliment any location it is placed.

The Merchant Media was designed with the consumer in mind, enhancing their shopping experience by offering a new intuitive interface, featuring a 7” colour LCD display screen and fully integrated capacitive-sensing numeric keypad.  All Fuel2Go machines will be equipped with coin, bill, credit card, and Interac (tap and go), and even mobile payment options, making purchasing from a Fuel2Go machine quick and easy. This engaging platform provides a unique shopping experience that meets the expectations of today’s consumers.

State-of-the-art features include a virtual shopping cart that users can fill with multiple items and pay in one simple transaction, nutritional information disclosure and product ingredient information. Plus, all Merchant Media machines are ADA compliant. The Merchant Media machines are also equipped with SureVend technology, which ensures the product will be delivered to the consumer, or their money will be returned, allowing consumers to feel confident when making any purchase from a Fuel2Go machine. Each unit has various temperature ranges with adjustable settings and has an adjustable divider to create zones within the machine to segregate perishable food or beverage items from snack items. The Merchant Media has a class-leading energy efficiency rating of EVA EMP A++ and is 30% more efficient than competing machines. Offering a CarbonNeutral® option, its carbon footprint is minimal, and any remaining unavoidable emissions can be offset for 5 years. Plus, the Merchant Media is 78% recyclable at the end of life.

A Remote Fleet Management Software (RFMS) tool will provide the culminating solution to an efficient vending operation. This software suite ties all of the primary hardware and technology segments together into a single remote monitoring solution, enabling Fuel2Go to “gain full control of the business and grow in the simplest, most efficient way.” The RFMS is an online, web-based software package that will enable Fuel2Go to import information from each machine, providing an accurate view of the vending operation at all times, from any computer, tablet or smart phone. This will enable Fuel2Go to operate routes more efficiently through dynamic route scheduling, provide better inventory management, give its customers a voice on which products they would like to see in their respective machines, as well as superior machine and cash administration. Fuel2Go will be able to utilize these tools, and the collected data, to analyze, interpret and enhance its vending operation.

Machine Specs
  • The 6-wide units can carry 6 food items per tray, 12 snack/bar items per tray and 10 bottle/can items per tray
  • They are 72” high, 46” wide, 30” in depth and 645 lbs
  • These machines require electrical outlets that can supply each machine with a minimum of 7 amps, 115 VACs and 60Hz
  • LED lighting and power saving mode reduce energy costs, and multi-layer glass door with special gas insulation reduces heat loss

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